Here are some of the kind things our customers have had to say about implementing SalesMaster in their businesses.


"StockBook has been able to significantly refine our fleet proposition by providing genres with access to a much wider stock pool, increasing the chance of matching customers with their perfect car."

Duncan McPhee - Franchise Director


"STOCKBOOK enables a standardisation of the way live information is presented to our teams, to enhance our customers’ experience. It provides a greater depth of information than our previous system, ensuring a clear live view of all physical and incoming stock."

“Its flexibility is ideal for the way our business is structured: retailers have access to stock data across their own brand, and our group support teams can analyse consistent information across all brands for the benefit of future promotions and stock management.”

Katie Martin - Commercial Director

Jardine Motor Group

“Jardine Motors are on a “going digital” journey and this will only be successful if we collaborate with marketplace experts who have the willingness and capability to integrate their solutions in to our current and future technology stack.

SalesMaster have a class leading inventory optimisation tool that is head and shoulders above any of the monolithic DMS / stock feed providers. Jardine and SalesMaster are partnering to find effective integrations with other parts of our digital eco-system to create a superior inventory management tool that can deliver a single version of the truth for vehicle stock across multi-brand, multi-location, multi-interfaces.

This is only possible because SalesMaster are open to working in a collaborative and agile way. This has required both sides of the partnership to think deeply about how we can advocate best practice (internally and externally), how we can influence other digital partners to reconsider how they send / receive stock feeds, how established ways of working in dealer businesses can change when new ways can be proven to be better and how we can gain business efficiency and improved RoI by taking a fresh look at how we manage our vehicle inventory in a more dynamic way”

Jason Cranswick - Commercial Director


"Since implementing StockBook, we have seen a massive improvement in the way stock is managed."

Duncan McPhee - Franchise Director


"I had previous experience with StockBook at Inchcape and was keen to introduce the stock management platform to LSH, as I believed it could bring great value to the business."

"Since rolling out the software to our 13 sites, we have been deeply impressed with the results. Our dealerships have performed 345,563 searches for vehicles over six months, which really demonstrates the value to our company and buy in from our sales team."

"We have also gained a real-time visibility of stock across all our network, including full vehicle details, factory status and locations. Now our sites can see exactly what is available to sell and this is increasing our conversion rates. It also benefits our customers, as they only see our available stock on the forecourt, saving time and any potential disappointment."

"Our senior management team have a complete overview of sales performance and we can now manage pipeline stock across our multiple sites and brands. With the new reporting tool, we can run reports, against a number of chosen criteria, including vehicle type and active users by time. At the click of a button, we can see real-time sales performance and make informed decisions, based on accurate data."

Paul Smith - General Manager


"SalesMaster has definitely helped our centres to sell more cars, as our sales executives are now able to save searches for a specific customer specification and as soon as that model or similar comes into stock, we can identify this quickly and offer the vehicle to our customer within hours. We can also bulk update vehicles with hashtags, which enables us to instantly go to market with a range of offers. This solution has improved our sales conversion by 8% this year."

"Our centres can put stock cars on hold for a predetermined four hour time limit only, if the car has not been tagged within this period the car will automatically become available again for all to sell – this helps maintain urgency with sales executives and customers and reduces the need for stock control to overly monitor salesmaster for spoof tagging."

"Through SalesMaster, we can assess excellent reports tailored to our needs and share with the group and the management team. This includes ageing stock and models with additional support which is critical at month/quarter ends. Part of our margin model is ageing stock so this has helped us ensure we achieve our full margin.

"The helpdesk are very friendly and keen to help and they are always able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently."

“During WLTP, we were able to manage our derogated and non-derogated stock smoothly. As we hold high levels of sold and unsold stock, SalesMaster was critical during this period. The daily reports helped the sales team focus on which cars were a priority to sell.”

Dominic Wright - New Car Sales Director (VWG Division)


"The products that SalesMaster has developed have become the industry standard, and we are confident that its solutions will allow us to continue evolving the car dealership experience. We are shaping our plans in accordance with ever-changing demands of the car-buying public and the leaps and bounds that new technology can offer us."

Peter Toop - Sales & Marketing Director

Volkswagen Group

"It is excellent to see the instant impact Stockbook has had on our sales."

"Having all of our available stock on one, easy-to-navigate platform has helped with efficiency and allowed us to offer customers available alternative vehicles, rather than wait for factory orders."

Emma Williamson - Operations Controller