Real-time Stock Platform

We are enabling digital transformation for the automotive industry.
Our clients include major motor manufacturers, dealer groups, leasing companies and media partners.
We are passionate about building great software. Our products get the job done in a better way, making our customers and their customers happier.

Automotive platform

Our connected platform leverages the latest technology to collate and free your distributed data. The SalesMaster platform consists of multiple cloud applications that operate as one. Orchestrating customers, vehicles, sites, diaries, bookings, activity, appraisals, quotes and orders in the same place for the first time. With all that data in one place, new metrics can be captured and unique insights gained.

Industry experts

Building on a wealth of industry experience gained on the front line, we solve real-world problems on a daily basis. We use the latest technology to take the path of least resistance and make the right way to do something, also the easiest way to do something. We are automotive people through and through, we speak your language and just happen to make great software.